Tuesday, December 31, 2013


     Wassup peeps, today is the last day of 2013. Like seriously, I don't expect this. I don't expect getting stuck at home because I'm broke and i still have a lil' ounce of respect left for my parents. The school holidays is so going outta plan . I'm planning on getting a job somewhere or hanging out with my friends and never come home until school starts, but no this isn't really happening. I don't even have friends anymore. Believe me ? I can't believe myself. Yes I don't have friends anymore. tbh, there are literally like three people in the world that i can hang out with without wanting to strangle them. so maybe that explains why i consider my self alone & lonely. the choice is mine, i can make friends if i want too but everybody around me is annoying the shit out of me . can my daddy just buy me plane tickets, apartment somewhere overseas and role me in a private uni maybe ? schools starting in a few days and i'm too lazy to see everyone's face , those shitty faces whom i thought can be my friends, but ending up being an annoying piece of fuck. idk why but im annoyed by everyone. i hate this school already, i thought i'm happy here but i'm not. i'm sorry for the harsh words, i think it's a good way to start 2014 huh ? by using harsh words. 

     But this is life. Some things don't go the waywe plan. but sometimes those are the way they are supposed to go. Sometimes we don't see it, but that is how it was supposed to happen all the time. Somethings don't go as we plan but sometimes that's for the best. 

     Sometimes I feel sorry for my parents for having a lazy heavy-ass daughter like me. Maybe if they could turn back time, they will just abort me and try to get another baby whom maybe will grow into a better person. Someone better than me , someone who will make them proud someday , not someone who will just humiliate them and dissapoint them like me . 

     I know 2014 will be a living hell because of the coming SPM and I hope I can withstand it. I really hope I can survive through it because i can see a glimpse of hope for me in 2015 . Although it's far away but trust me I can see it . I already can imagine the stress and shits I will be going through just to make my parents happy, just to make them satisfied although in the end, I will end up dissapointing them . Sighs.

 And hereby I end my post, see ya around xx

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