Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Should I cry ?

Results are out. Okay, at first I was freaking nervous I don't know how to face my mom :/ since kami tak pergi sekolah ambil result but kami buat secara online and melalui SMS jerr, result teramatlah lambat nk dpt. Then I bathed sebab ingatkan nk pegi sekolah, then suddenly my mom knocked. bila bukak pintu, muka dia nervous + excited semua ada, then kata, "I've called your school, dia kata 8 orang dpt 8A but pihak sekolah tknk bagitahu." then dia tanya lagi, " do you think you're one of them ? " , "entah, tak kot. i'm not sure", then she cried. then I was like, "Ibu, cer call cikgu" , "apa number cikgu, Ibu dailkan ! " she was sooooo excited like hell I was so afraid I might dissapoint her. then cikgu taknak ckp apa result saya and, last sekali I called Nabila Fauzi. then dia kata, "kau dpt 7A. relakslah kay, jgn sedih" , me was like, okaylah tu kan, but Ibu was freaking sad, she was shaking badly mcm org Parkinsons and cried almost all day. 

But aku sendiri pun taktahulah, I think I've done my best for the Science Paper. celah mana pulak boleh salah dpt B pulak. So I thought of re-checking the paper :) But I told my Mum, " kalau akak tk dpt 8As jimat duit ayah, " Ibu : "ayah dah dpt gaji plus bonus setengah bulan, rm3500" , me : *kira-kira* "so rm10500 lah ? wahhh banyaknye !" then aku start lah berangan dptlah shopping sakan masa kt Johor nanti then Ibu suddenly said "jgn berangan, takdnye dia belanja awak" , then at that exact moment I do feel like crying :'( then my mom asked what's wrong, then I said one of my wishes are not fulfilled → die a day before PMR.

later that night, she asked me, "apa hala hidup akak ? " , I didn't answer because my answer is so goddamn ridiculous and for sure she is pissed. And actually I want to open up a boutique and be an accountant at the same time, drive a Ferrari, ride a Kawasaki, have a private apartment of my own and ofcourse marry someone rich ;) but if possible I don't want to strive that by myself using my own money but using Ayah's money . I want him to become a Dato' Sri or what so that I could spend his money. How I WIsh . Okay, I know I don't have goal in lfe, how I wish I could be a more responsible person . but I still have SPM waiting for me ahead :) please be nice SPM 2014 :D

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