Friday, September 30, 2011

I can't hide my feelings :(

Assalam, thanks for viewing :)

At this time I'm supposed to sleep, but I've slept long enough this afternoon so, I take this opportunity to express my feelings in a way other than writing in a diary or phone.

Tomorrow, there will be a walkathon at Presint 2, and fuck-yeah, I'm not the only one who join the walkathon. There are lots more representative from our sch and many other schs.
Tht is a good news, cause' I've been looking forward to this kind of activities. While walking, boley gossip-gossip ;) tapi yg ta good nye ialah someone I loved the most will b there, and, fuck-it so much, his NOT-CUTE-AT-ALL girlfriend will b there too. So, dijamin akn menimbulkn rase tk berape nk senang hati. AND, SILLY GTL would b there too. Err, tk cukup fame lagi ke, tk cukup gedik lagi ke smpi kesane un nk gedik lagi.

ekud haty ni malas nk pegy, tp, ape bole buad, my DAD is coming, aku un da berjanji ngn DANIA & FAZ, so, won't break my promise. I'll b there, untuk kawan-kawan trsayang aku.

I'll try my best to think positive.
  • Aku lagi sayang an kawan-kawan aku drpd aku sayang an PIE
  • Kawan-kawan aku lebih memerlukn aku drpd PIE perlukn aku.
  • Aku bole mati klu tade kawan-kawan aku, tp aku akn pengsan kalau PIE tade
  • Aku kesane sebab kawan-kawan aku, bukan sebab PIE
Moral of the story is, aku sayang PIE tapi aku lagi sayangkn kwn-kwn aku :)

p/s: aku akn sayang PIE kalau dy ajk aku kawen bile dy habes SPM nty. means, I'll b 16 at tht time.

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