Friday, April 29, 2011

Gosh, you're annoying !

Okay, this post is very simple. Tapi, penuh dgn rase lepas geram.

Inii pasal a friend of mine, AzAminuddin or Azzam. Gosh,he's so annoying! Tapi bes!
Well, I asked him to comment/say something about my belog, dea suro EC comment.
Aku nak pendapat dea, bukan EC. Sob-sob, annoyed kan? X salah aku suke EC kan?
Tapi tape lah. He's still a great friend.*taulah kau jeles ann. cakap je, xmengaku pulak da..

No matter how annoying you are, I want you to know,

Thank you for brightening up my night. <3