Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wasup guyyss.. Lame gile x blogging. Yeahla, I've just recovered from a fever. Wat do u expect?
Aku on9 blog utx ap lagy kalau x share stories! So I've got a story to share here.

Last Saturday, my aunt, unc and my cousin ~ SCHA dtg. So, as the host, we have to entertain our guests. SO, pada 22/1/2011, it was yesterday(SATURDAY), we went jalan-jalan at KL. SO, at one of our tempat jalan-jalan ouh, I ACCIDENTALLY noticed there's a shop selling SUPRAS. There's quiet a variety of SUPRA there so I was like OHMYGOD! *hallelujah playing*. Rambang mata lah katekann. So, at last, da byk2 kali belek-belek kasut, my dad tanyelah, "nak beli ke x?"
Me: "Kalau akak nak aje."
Whoa, so bile nak aje tuhh, pilihlah nk yg mane, I chose a black SUPRA with a red crown, red shoelaces and ad tulis SUPRA blanked in red under the crown. Unfortunately, there ain't any size left for me, there's only the one with black shoelaces available. The black one is HIDEOUS la weyhh. The features are just the same as the red one but instead of red, it's GOLD.

At last I chose a BLACK SUPRA which is not what I really want.

I always want a BLACK SUPRA VAIDER but it's not on sale there.

But the one I chose looks almost the same as a SUPRA VAIDER so it almost fulfills my desire. But what's important now is I HAVE A SUPRA!

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