Monday, December 13, 2010

25% Happy, 75% Unhappy.

Assalamualaikum pmbce2 blog neyh.
Hope kounx sehadd sejahtera n happy melayan blog akw neyhh.
Mmg agk weird kenn tajuk kt ats tu. But that's what I feel rite now :D

Td mse tgh basuh2 pinggan lps makan trdgr suara gmbira mak akw. Rupa - rupanya ad surat utx ayah akw dr skola 11(2). Bile bukak, tgk2, my sis Fify dpt twrn msk 11(2). pnye lahh happy banget dea. Ibu, akak tumpang gembira jea lahh utx ibu yeahh. Unfortunately, my mother is frustrated too because her spoiled baby, Zizie x dpt msk. Kcian dea. Ibu, akak tumpang brsedeyh gak eak.

So, klu adex akw msk sana taon dpn, brmkne ad 80% kemungkinan utx akw skola kt sne gak lahh ekudd adex akw. Tp sumpha gilaa-gilaa akw mmg xnk sbb...sbb... I lurve my friends here. I damn gilaa-gilaa lurve them. I know I've changed a lot since I schooled there but I didn't do it on purpose.

I've prayed a lot and I've promised myself that I would change to a better person if I schooled there. I'm not sure whether I can do it or not but I'll try. I'm sorry I've hurt you, dissapoint you, break your heart, ignored you, never listen to you and a lot more. But please, give me a second chance. I dunno how to tell this to you, how to explain it to you coz' I'm sure you'll ask for an explanation to consider my request. But I think it would be better if I jot it down. I hope u would b more understanding.

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